Adiabatic calorimeter in the 54K-273K temperature range

Project Description

NIS recently declared his interest in developing an adiabatic calorimeter in order to calibrate thermometers down to the oxygen point. LNE-INM proposes to help NIS in designing and building the device in order to reach this target.

Final Report 2012-04-06

The calorimeter was built and tested at LNE-CNAM for temperatures down to the oxygen triple point. The system was sent to Egyt for final test at NIS.NIS used this calorimeter in association, on one hand, with a comparison block and, on the other hand, in association with argon and oxygen sealed cells.The results were presented in two papers.

  • the first paper at ITS9 conference:

"Development of an adiabatic calorimeter in the range 54K-273K in frame of a scientific collaboration LNE-NIS"

  • the second one at CAFMET conference:

"An adiabatic calorimeter for calibrating capsule type thermometers (CSPRTs) in the range 54 k to 273 k"

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