200 mm Water flow intercomparison

Two Final Reports are available:

An Intercomparison between NEL, CMS/ITRI, SIPAI, KRISS IPT and CENAM Using a 200 mm Twin Orifice Plate Package in Water, December 2002

An Intercomparison Between NEL, NRLM, Delft Hydraulics, Alden Research Laboratories, CENAM and NIST Using a 200 mm Twin Orifice Plate Package in Water, December 1999


A successful water flow intercomparison has been carried out between NEL, NRLM, Delft Hydraulics, CENAM, NIST, and Alden Research Laboratories over the pipe Reynolds number range (1.5 - 4.0) x 100000. It is now considered practical to extend this intercomparison.

A 200mm stainless steel ,twin orifice plate package has been used. This package consists of two orifice plate flowmeter assemblies with nominal diameter ratio of 0.5, arranged in series and separated by an NEL perforated plate flow conditioner. The length of each flowmeter assembly is 2 685 mm, separated by a 1655mm length of pipe containing the flow conditioner at its upstream face. A 1655mm length of pipe precedes the upstream flowmeter giving an overall length of 8680mm for the package. The pipework has ANSI 150 flanges.

PTB, KRISS, SIPAI, ITRI, FCRI and IPT have been invited to participate in this intercomparison. Ii is suggested that the package should be calibrated at NEL in April 2000 and then in the laboratories of the other participants during June 2000 - August 2001, with a final calibration at NEL in October 2001. Each laboratory would be responsible for the costs of the tests at their own laboratory and for the costs of transport of the assembly to the next laboratory.

Flow (F)
M. J. Reader Harris, NEL (United Kingdom)
Coordinating Institute
NEL (United Kingdom)
Participating Partners
Further Partners
CMS/ITRI (Taiwan)
SIPAI (China)
KRISS (Korea)
IPT (Brazil)
NRLM (Japan)
Delft Hydraulics (Netherlands)
Alden Research Laboratories (United States of America)
CENAM (Mexico)
NIST (United States of America)