Quantum traceability for AC power standards

Short Name: QuantumPower, Project Number: 19RPT01
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Wind turbines

Extending capability in Europe to make the precise measurements required for smart electricity grids

The power industry is transitioning to renewable sources of energy, which tend to be locally distributed. To avoid instability, poor power quality and blackouts, precise measurements are required to ensure supply matches variable demand. The primary (electrical) power is one of the electrical quantities that has traceability to the volt and the ampere, typically through complicated calibration of thermal voltage converters, current shunts and digitizers, which only a few NMIs in Europe can provide with uncertainties approaching a few µV/V. In order to ensure a secure and robust development of interconnected smart grids in Europe, it is crucial that the developing NMIs increase their competence, capabilities and traceability within the field of electrical power measurements.


The project will design and build a practical quantum power standard based on programmable Josephson voltage standards (PJVS) along with software for its operation. New methods for the measurement of electrical power using quantum systems will also be developed and validated. Outputs will be included in an open-source Quantum Power measurement System, available to the whole Metrology community, providing direct quantum traceability of power measurements to the SI.  At the project completion in 2023 these results will enhance European coordination and help provide the accurate measurements required for the stability of future electrical grids.


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Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial (Argentina)
Universidad de Málaga (Spain)