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Traceable measurements for biospecies and ion activity in clinical chemistry

Short Name: TRACEBIOACTIVITY, Project Number: T2.J10

Traceable measurement results in clinical chemistry are mandatory in Europe. Within this framework, measurement methods and materials are evaluated which can serve as the required higher order reference points and which are linked with the SI as closely as possible. Reference and test laboratories in Europe profit from this newly developed system in a fast and efficient way.

The aim of this project was to develop and to provide the required reference points for biospecies and electrolytes, which are of key importance as health status markers for critical diseases like heart attacks and depression. When starting the project used reference systems could not provide metrological traceability. Estimated deviations were of about ± 5% (relative) which is twice of the allowed uncertainty range. The project focused on the development of activity reference standards and on on-line calibration procedures providing traceability to reference points.