Traceability Routes for Magnetic Measurements

Short Name: TRaMM, Project Number: 21SCP02
Image of a bar magnet with iron powder showing magnetic field
Image of a bar magnet with iron powder showing magnetic field

Assessing and addressing deficiencies in European metrology for magnetic measurements and calibration

Magnetic measurements have a wide number of applications, from electric vehicles and power generation to healthcare and environmental monitoring. Although standards for magnetic measurements have been established in some areas, only four European National Metrology Institutes can currently provide comprehensive measurement and calibration services for magnetic quantities. The global magnetic materials market is growing at an annual rate of about 9.6 % and, if this deficiency is not addressed, the gap between current capacity and needs will widen, hindering growth across related industries.


This project will establish contact with European NMIs to understand how well their current capabilities and future plans align with stakeholder needs. It will facilitate a collaboration between an expert NMI (INRiM (Italy)) and two emerging NMIs (CEM (Spain) and NSAI (Ireland)) and deliver training to transfer knowledge and expertise. Material from this training will be made publicly available online after the fact. The project will also develop a plan for meeting current stakeholder needs – including the sourcing of hardware and the development of measurement procedures – and facilitate a coordinated approach amongst metrology institutes to identify priority areas for future development.



The stakeholders addressed in this project include universities, research centres, other NMIs and parties throughout industry supply chains. Due to this diversity, the impacts of the project have the potential to be long-lived and far-reaching. As applications of magnetic measurements continue to develop, the collaborations fostered by the project and the training frameworks created will ensure that stakeholder needs will continue to be met into the future.


Participating EURAMET NMIs and DIs
CEM (Spain)
INRIM (Italy)
NSAI NML (Ireland)