Support for a European Metrology Network on smart electricity grids

Short Name: SEG-Net, Project Number: 18NET03
Image showing Smart grids integrating eV and solar
Smart grids integrating eV and solar

Coherence and cooperation to deliver stakeholder technical and strategic objectives

Smarter grids will enable integration of renewable energy sources and electric vehicles into Europe’s electricity distribution networks. Such ‘smart’ grids will require new measurement infrastructure, but without high-level strategic coordination vital metrology might not be ready in time, risking delays in implementing energy policies. Smart grids will also be disruptive: already fifteen EURAMET projects have provided metrology and normative support to address the challenges, but a coherent approach is needed to meet stakeholders’ technological and strategic needs.


This project supported the European Metrology Network on Smart Electricity Grids by coordinating R&D strategies and research to stimulate specialisation by NMI facilities. The network promoted uptake of research, raised the profile of smart grid metrology, and provides knowledge transfer. Aligning and focussing R&D activities will increase scientific output, stimulate scientific cooperation between NMIs and universities, and ensure stakeholders needs will be met consistently.

This will make smart grids more competitive and deliver energy supplies with lower CO2 emissions.


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