Support for a European Metrology Network for mathematics and statistics

Short Name: MATHMET, Project Number: 18NET05
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A European Metrology Network for mathematics and statistics

Metrology is tackling societal challenges by applying innovative measurement techniques that are reliant on complex mathematical and statistical tools such as model-based software and problem-solving algorithms. Developing these tools, such as in imaging and spectroscopy, now surpasses capabilities of individual national metrology institutes, which has led EURAMET to support The European Metrology Network for Mathematics and Statistics (EMN MATHMET). Having developed from being a centre of expertise arising from EMRP research, a further review of stakeholder needs and requirements for research and quality management is now needed to optimise its future impact.


The project has developed a strategic research agenda to support EU and EURAMET priorities in mathematics and statistics; conducted a stakeholder consultation process; and implemented a quality management system for developing metrology software and guidance. Accelerating development of MATHMET will enable the network to more quickly establish capabilities supporting mathematical and statistical activities, in line with EURAMET priorities and stakeholder needs.


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