Support for a European Metrology Network for energy gases

Short Name: Energy Gases, Project Number: 18NET01
Image showing Oil or gas pipe line valves
Oil or gas pipe line valves

Positioning the network as the centre for provision of metrological services to ease the transition to a more diversified energy gas sector

With a background of regulatory pressure to expand renewable energy markets, the European Metrology Network (EMN) on Energy Gases aims to be the central focus of metrological services relating to quality, efficiency, safety and trade for the energy gas sector in Europe. This project has supported the network’s initial work: enabling a more harmonised and sustainable European measurement infrastructure. Investments are underway in, for example, biogases and hydrogen as energy gases, but measurement robustness is compromised by insufficient traceable standards, quality control, standardisation and procedures.


To address mismatches between the metrology and end-user communities, new knowledge transfer, support and metrological services will be offered. This project has built awareness and positioned the EMN at the centre of knowledge and metrological services for sector. It has also highlighted measurement challenges and supported standardisation of renewable gases measurements by incorporating National Metrology Institute and Designated Institute research, and promoted uptake by stakeholders.


The project has reviewed European energy gases markets, identified measurement gaps and challenges, and formulated strategies to address these challenges.


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Vision for a European metrology network for energy gases

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