Sensor development and calibration method for inline detection of viscosity and solids content of non-Newtonian fluids

Short Name: NNL, Project Number: ENG59
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Looking at the uncertainty of viscosity measurements tools 

Non-Newtonian fluids, which include paint, blood, soup, and drilling fluids, contain a large amount of solids and have a viscosity that changes as they are sheared or stretched. For example, the viscosity of non-drip paint reduces as it becomes thinner when being applied to a wall.  The underlying physics of non-Newtonian liquids affects the measurement of viscosity meters, but the resulting uncertainty and inaccuracy have never been systematically evaluated. The highest need for traceable, accurate, non-Newtonian viscosity measurements is in the energy sector.  This project aimed to investigate the measurement uncertainties of existing tools and carry out a review of the physics that impacts the viscosity of non-Newtonian liquids to produce a new metrology standard. Ultimately this would improve operational efficiency in the energy sector and enable the construction of more complex oil and gas wells to reach reservoirs in challenging locations


Coordinator: Alex van der Spek, VSL, Netherlands


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