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Revision of EURAMET Calibration Guides No. 3 (Calibration of Pressure Balances) and No. 17 (Guidelines on the Calibration of Electromechanical and Mechanical Manometers)

Project Description

EURAMET Calibration Guide No. 3 'Calibration of Pressure Balances', Version 1.0 (03/2011) needs a revision. The minimum amendment concerns appearance of the title page and the references.

Moreover, several new areas of pressure calibrations emerged in last two decades which are not described in any calibration guide. These areas relate to

  • low positive gauge pressures          
  • negative gauge pressures     
  • calibration of digital piston gauges

It should be analysed whether these specific areas of calibration can be implemented in existing Calibration Guides No. 3 'Calibration of Presssure Balances' and No. 17 'Guidelines on the Calibration of Electromechanical and Mechanical Manometers'.

The work will be performed in the following steps:

  • make minimum mandatory revision of Calibration Guide No. 3
  • analyse possibility of adopting the new calibration topics into Calibration Guide No. 3 and Calibration Guide No. 17 and, in case of a positive decision
  • perform a respective revision of both Calibration Guides


For an overview of EURAMET's Calibration Guidelines, please go here >>


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