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Protocols for clinical impact in molecular radiotherapy

Short Name: PINICAL-MRT, Project Number: 19SIP01
Image showing a vacuum system on bench
A SPECT/CT (single-photon emission computed tomography) system

Developing the guidance to translate measurement knowledge on Molecular Radiotherapy into clinical practice

Article 56 of EC Directive 2013/59/EURATOM, detailing the requirements for individual dose planning for radiotherapy patients, is being introduced across EU states. This applies to Molecular Radiotherapy (MRT), which involves the use of radiopharmaceuticals in cancer treatment, but currently no standardised methods exist to support clinical compliance. A traceable MRT calibration infrastructure for patient-tailored doses was developed in the EMRP project MetroMRT and EMPIR project MRTDosimetry however before this can be transferred to the clinic it requires extending and staff trained in its use.


The project has developed guidance on how to use the protocols and methods developed in MRTDosimetry and enabled traceable practices to be established within clinical centres. This  included how to calibrate, commission and perform quality control for quantitative imaging instruments used for dosimetry. Training materials will also be developed to support measurement practices.

At the end of the project the establishment of standard practices for MRT will make it easier for relevant government agencies to ensure compliance with regulations as well as deliver more accurate, better targeted treatments for patients.


MRTDosimetry Data Repository

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NPL (United Kingdom)
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Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (France)
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust (United Kingdom)
Universitätsklinikum Würzburg - Klinikum der bayerischen Julius - Maximilians - Universität (Germany)