Primary standards and traceable measurement methods for X-ray emitting electronic brachytherapy devices

Short Name: PRISM-eBT, Project Number: 18NRM02
Image of a Doctor with patient examining an x-ray
Doctor with patient examining an x-ray

Standards and traceability for improved clinical confidence and uptake

Electronic brachytherapy (eBT) targets tumours using X-rays from close range and has potential advantages over conventional radiotherapies. However, the systems available tend to have unique calibration methods; mostly indirect and with uncertainties larger than clinically acceptable. This means that treatment plans aren’t easily adapted from one system to another, impeding progress other therapy in clinical practice.


This project has delivered harmonised, simplified and traceable dosimetry for eBT detectors and measurement devices, by determining 3D dose distributions in water models. Four primary standards have been developed for absorbed doses from internal radiotherapy devices, new measurement methods were developed, and guidance produced. The outcome is a harmonised calibration service, capable of promotion to the profession, plus calibration standards for independent and traceable verification of dosimetry, for both novel systems and for quality assurance of existing equipment. Comparability, backed by the first ever standards, will improve clinical confidence and, since treatment costs are lower than for conventional radiotherapies, increased uptake could reduce costs for Europe’s health systems.


This project builds on from EMRP project HLT09 MetroExtRT.


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Aarhus Universitet (Denmark)
Stichting Maastricht Radiation Oncology Maastro Clinic (Netherlands)
Universiteit Hasselt (Belgium)