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On-site visits by peers of JRC-Geel in the fields of chemistry and ionising radiation

Project Description

The JRC-Geel is planning to re-instate several selected CMCs. In preparation of the initial presentation of JRC-Geel in EURAMET TC Quality an on-site visit by peers has been agreed with experts from SMD (Belgium), LNE-LNHB (France) and PTB (Germany), which will peer review the QMS and selected CMCs in the metrological fields of chemistry and ionising radiation.

Final Report 2021-12-16

A peer review visit was organised on-site on 12 October 2021. During this visit, M. Dobre (SMD) reviewed the quality management system, MC. Lépy (CEA-LIST) reviewed the technical activities in the field of ionizing radiation and G. O’Connor (PTB) reviewed the technical activities in the field of chemistry. The peer review report described 1 nonconformity (related to CIPM MRA-G-13 clause 3.1) and 4 recommendations. JRC proposed adequate corrective actions to the non-conformity. The team concluded that JRC has implemented a comprehensive quality management structure. The performance of the system is also demonstrated by accreditation for ISO17025, ISO17043 and ISO17034 since 2017. Specific aspects related to CIPM-MRA were examined during this peer review. Both technical reviewers highlighted the high competence and experience of the personnel,as well as the high quality of laboratory facility and instrumentation. TC-Q organised a plenary meeting for JRC initial presentation and gave confidence to JRC QMS. JRC can proceed with CMCs review process.

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