Metrology on a cellular scale for regenerative medicine

Short Name: Regenmed, Project Number: T2.J04
New and innovative forms of therapies, based on stem cells and tissue engineered medical products offer the hope of developing customizable implantable artificial tissue to overcome shortages of transplant organs and revolutionize injury and disease treatment. The project developed internationally accepted measurement technologies and standards to overcome major difficulties such as the scale up from lab to commercial scale production, predicting the long-term behaviour of products and satisfying regulators of the safety of the products.

Regenerative medicine deals with two key challenges: to improve the isolation of cells from cell cultures and to ensure that any handling procedures do not have an advers effect on their behaviour.

The project represents a major international co-operation on measurement techniques as applied to regenerative medicine. This will be achieved through research on a combination of imaging, biomarker detection and studies of protein and cell behaviour on surfaces. The project established measurement methods for generating and interpreting 3D functional maps of surfaces and cell cultures.

The technologies developed are important for a wide range of health related sectors, including diagnostics, cell based sensing and toxicology testing and opportunities for cross-over knowledge transfer.

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