Measurement of Steel Tapes of 10 m and 50 m

Project Description

The length of stainless steel tapes with measuring range of 10 m and 50 m shall be measured. Three tapes, including one tape of length 10 m with 5 millimetre graduation and engraved line marks, one of length 50 m with meter graduation and engraved line marks and one of length 50 m with millimetre graduation and etched line marks will be circulated for measuring. Each tape should be measured in space intervals of 1 m covering the entire length. In addition, five different places randomly distributed over the measure of length should be also measured for the tapes of 10 m with 5 mm graduation and 50 m with mm graduation. This is performed to verify the measurement capabilities for tapes as stated in the KCDB. Regulated by MID, mutual recognition of tape measurement capability is of high importance on European level.

The technical protocol can be downloaded here >>

Progress Report 2023-09-28

The participant measurements were concluded in 2022 and the standards returned to the pilot laboratory in July 2022. Draft A2 was completed and circulated. Draft A3 is currently being prepared.

Progress Report 2021-02-16

One standard was damaged during a measurement. The comparison was interrupted, and the pilot performed a control measurement. The participants agreed to continue the comparison with all standards, being aware that one standard might be problematic. The schedule was adjusted for the resulting delays. In addition, VNIIM joined as 22nd participant.

Progress Report 2020-08-20

The COVID-19 pandemia and associated restrictions customs and laboratory accessibility have led to a considerable delay of the project. So far, 18 out of 28 scheduled measurements have been completed. The schedule for the remaining 11 measurements has been rearranged completely.

Progress Report 2020-04-20

The comparison has been joined by MASM, Mongolia as a last additional participant. Currently, 17 out of 29 scheduled measurements have been performed without major issues. In 2020, however, problems with customs have led to a delay of several weeks. In the next months, the COVID-19 pandemia together with the associated counter measures may lead to delays that are currently difficult to assess. Therefore, the comparison schedule will probably need further adjustments.

Progress Report 2019-12-03

The project is on schedule of the revised plan. So far, 14 out of 26 measurements have been performed. Another laboratory has joined the comparison. Based on experience with long customs duration, the schedule for the final round has been mildly revised. The technical protocol has been updated accordingly (version A15).

Progress Report  2019-07-04

The project has started as planned in January 2018. So far 11 out of 26 measurement campaigns have been completed and reported. In general, the project is running smoothly according to plan, the collaboration works openely and productively. Some minor issues need to be reported nevertheless. One laboratory had to abort ist campaign due to technical problems, one had to postpone its measurement slot due to a sudden and severe desease of a key operator of the measurement facility. Both were rescheduled to 2020. Three laboratories have joined the comparison after the project start. The technical protocol has been updated (version A14) accordingly. Handling of the standards led to indentations clearly visible for the relaxed tapes. These damages have been reported. The pilot laboratory has performed measurements to investigate this, but did not confirm changes of the reference values within its measurement uncertainty. The standards will be regularly monitored by the pilot for the rest of the project.

Length (L)
Coordinating Institute
PTB (Germany)
Further Partners
National Institute of Metrology (P.R. China)
Center for Measurement Standards/ITRI (Taiwan, China)
Instituto Nacional De Tecnologia Industrial (República Argentina)
Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (Kindom of Saudi Arabia)
Mongolian Agency for Standardization and Metrology (Mongolia)