Key comparison on spectral regular transmittance 2018

Project Description

Comparison of spectral regular transmittance of a set of 5 filters for spectral range 380 nm - 1000 nm: Spectral regular transmittance for nominal values at 546 nm: 0.92, 0.50, 0.10, 0.01 and 0.001.

Progress Report 2022-08-09

Measurement reports has been collected by the pilot, who has started to prepare pre-Draft A.

Progress Report 2021-02-20

  • February 2020
    All filters are back at pilot
  • August 2020 
    Measurements completed at pilot
  • November 2020
    All measurement reports are collected by pilot
  • January 2021 
    Pilot is preparing Pre-Draft A process 1 (expected for February 2021)

Progress Report 2020-02-04

Protocol have been agreed by participants.

  • Measurements are completed
  • Pilot is collecting measurement reports
  • Pre-Draft A expected for May 2020

Progress Report 2019-01-31

  • Protocol have been agreed by participants
  • First measurement at pilot lab complete.
  • Filters have been sent for the first measurement at participants
Photometry and Radiometry (PR)
Coordinating Institute
Participating Partners
BEV (Austria)
LNE (France)
Further Partners
SASO (Saudi Arabia)