Key comparison on calibration of 1-D CMM artefacts: Step Gauges


The aim of the project is to organise a subsequent comparison in the field of step gauge calibration.The comparison follows the key comparison EURAMET.L-K5.2016 and was agreed at the EURAMET TC-L meeting in October 2021.

The object of comparison is a step gauge with a nominal length of 610 mm. 7 participants from EURAMET, 1 from SIM and 1 from APMP will take part in the comparison. The comparison gives a chance for every participating NMI to verify or to improve or add their Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMCs) claims for step gauge calibration.

Each participating laboratory covers the costs of the measurement, transportation and eventual custom formalities as well as for any damage that may have occurred within its country. The participating laboratory must accept that their results are published in the final report of the comparison, even if they are not satisfactory for the laboratory.

The comparison follows the rules described in EURAMET Guide on Comparisons – EURAMET Guide No. 4, Version 2.0 (04/2021) and CCL Guidance Document CCL-GD-1 Running of MRA comparisons in length metrology and monitoring their impact on CMCs, V8 (11/2020).

Progress Report 2023-10-02

During the measurements, there was a delay in comparison due to standard transfer problems.

NMIJ (Japan), BFKH (Hungary) and CEM (Spain) no longer participate in this comparison. SNSU-BSN (Indonesia) is a new project partner.


Length (L)
Coordinating Institute
GUM (Poland)
Further Partners
INMETRO (Brazil)
SNSU-BSN (Indonesia)