Insertion depth effect for vane anemometers

Project Description

Measurement error of 4 vane anemometers will be measured as a function of their insertion depth in the participating wind tunnels. The effect of flow pattern around a mounting rod to the meter indication will be investigated in this way. Air velocity fields in front of 3 anemometers will be measured by several participants too. The blockage effect in wind tunnels with different test section type and size will be investigated in this way. 

Progress Report 2023-03-08

The tests started in August 2022 and are running according to the technical protocol.
A delay up to 2 months might occur due to long time needed for the tests in the initial stage of the project.  

Flow (F)
Jan Geršl (CMI)
Coordinating Institute
CMI (Czechia)
Further Partners
Deutsche WindGuard (Germany)
Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (Czechia)
Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (Slovakia)