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Improving the realisation of the kelvin by multiple fixed-point radiation thermometry

Short Name: MultiFixRad, Project Number: 22RPT03
Image showing An analogue temerature dial
An analogue temperature dial

Removing the challenges of realising the redefined Kelvin for medium-scale National Metrology Institutes

In 2019, Kelvin was redefined relative to the Boltzmann’s constant, allowing for primary thermometry to be implemented in industry. The work of the EURAMET EMPIR projects InK, InK2 and Real-K allowed the development of a reference standard set for high temperatures by using a radio thermometer to interpolate between fixed temperature points.

However, this standard proved difficult to implement by small to medium National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) due to high technical knowledge needed. To remain competitive in global industries employing high temperature measurements it is essential Europe stays on par with international metrology standards.


This collaborative project will help to implement the novel realisation of the kelvin in medium-scale NMIs (JV, RISE, DFM, CMI, SMU and UL), which are located in countries where the production, processing, and manufacturing industries require improved high temperature standards. The NMIs LNE and TUBITAK have already implemented the new standard and will help train personnel at the emerging NMIs.

This project aims to produce sets of medium to high temperature fixed points above 1000 °C that can be used for radiation thermometry approaches, with the exact temperature ranges varying depending on the NMIs individual needs. The kelvin will be realised with a target uncertainty of 0.6 K at 1800 K and 1 K at 2300 K. Once more institutions start using these primary thermometry approaches, interlaboratory comparisons can be conducted to develop quality control procedures.


A EURAMET best practice guide will be published to ensure the new kelvin can be implemented across Europe to aid national industries.



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