Improvement of the European quality infrastructure for the measurement of total silicon and sulphur content of biogas

Short Name: Si-S/Biogas, Project Number: 18SIP03
Image showing A biogas plant in the countryside
A biogas plant in the countryside

Promoting best practice to prepare the sector for legislation and protect infrastructure

Europe’s biogas sector responded to demands to diversify sources of energy and increase the use of renewables, but integration with distribution networks is impeded by inaccurate measurements of biogas impurities such as siloxanes and sulphur-containing components, risking damage to infrastructure. The EMRP project Biogas developed, among others, the measurement standards and test methods for siloxanes and sulphur-containing components, which enable accurate and traceable measurement of these components. The relevant European Committee for Standardization working group has developed specifications for injecting biomethane into the natural gas network (EN16723-1) and for using it as an automotive fuel (EN16723-2). Awareness of these standards is needed to prepare the sector for legislation, while wider knowledge of best practice is needed in industrial biomethane laboratories.


This project conducted a comparison of laboratories, combined with training in best practice in sampling biomethane and measuring silicon and sulphur impurities. The study findings will be promoted to industry, along with awareness-raising about the new standards, to prepare for future legislation and grid entry agreements.

Wider awareness of measurement methods should result in higher quality biomethane injected into networks, to better protect the integrity of gas infrastructure.


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