Harmonisation, update and implementation of standards related to radiation protection dosimeters for photon radiation

Short Name: GuideRadPROS, Project Number: 22NRM07
Image showing a radiation warning sign on a gate
Radiation warning sign on a gate

Novel guidelines will help implement newly updated standards for photon dosimeters for radiation protection

Council Directive 2013/59/Euratom published radiation protection guidelines outlining the importance of monitoring human exposure to radiation with technologies such as photon dosimeters. These dosimeters are calibrated with a photon reference field according to ISO 4037 guidelines. These guidelines were updated in 2019 and through these changes, dosimeter calibration became an expensive and labour-intensive process. Additionally, ISO 4037 lacks metrological data in areas such as 241AM reference fields, high voltage measurements and uncertainty estimates. Currently, there are several IEC standards giving contradictory information for the same dosimeter, leading to standardisation gaps. Additionally, test standards need to be revised since the ICRU 95 report from 2020 decided upon new operational quantities.


This project aims to develop standards and dosimetry guidelines that are easily implementable by end users. As part of this goal, guidelines for test standards that are compatible with the ICRU 95 report will be released.

Economical procedures and guidance for the calibration of dosimeters with photon reference fields will be developed, and data for 241AM reference field will be produced and published as a standard. Validated procedures for using IEC standards will be prepared and coordinated to remove the standardisation gaps. Overall, the project plans to publish three Good Practice Guides and offer eLearning courses and workshops to train scientists on calibration of reference fields according to ISO 4037 guidelines.


These advancements will ensure that these guidelines can be implemented in all relevant industries and research groups across Europe.


Other Participants
Elliniki Epitropi Atomikis Energeias (Greece)
Mirion Technologies (RADOS) Oy (Finland)
National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology (Japan)
Institut za nuklearne nauke Vinča, Institut od nacionalnog značaja za Republiku Srbiju, Univerzitet u Beogradu (Serbia)