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Development of eye-tonometry in CEFTA countries

Short Name: CEFTON, Project Number: 20SCP02
Image sho0wing a medical photo of a pathology vein occlusion
Medical photo of pathology vein occlusion

Developing metrological knowledge and expertise at emerging NMIs in measurements for Intraocular hypertension

Glaucoma is the world’s second leading cause of blindness and is the leading cause of irreversible blindness. Intraocular hypertension is currently the only treatable risk factor for this disease, assessed by measurements of intraocular‑pressure (IOP) carried out using eye tonometers.


IOP metrology is unevenly developed across the EU, especially in the Central Europe Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) states, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova and North Macedonia.  At present emerging National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) in CEFTA (IMBiH, INM and ME‑BoM) are not able to fulfil all the needs of stakeholders in eye‑tonometry due to the lack of relevant resources and experience. A new harmonised approach is required in these countries, as specified in the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR 2017/745).


This project will engage with stakeholders to ascertain existing and planned IOP metrology calibration services within the CEFTA countries. This will include responsible state authorities, calibration service providers and other governmental or non-governmental offices. The NMI for the Czech Republic, CMI, will provide training courses on IOP measurement to IMBiH, INM and ME BoM and adapt relevant IOP metrology guidelines for use in CEFTA countries.


A concept of ‘smart specialisation’ in traceable IOP metrology, previously designed for the Central Europe region, will be developed for CEFTA countries based on analysis of legislation and possibilities for mutual cooperation.


Project outcomes are anticipated to provide more reliable, traceable and accurate calibration methods for eye tonometers and tonometer test equipment. An improved screening for ocular hypertension will in turn improve the quality of life of CEFTA citizens and reduce burdens on their respective healthcare systems.


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Capacity Building
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2021 - 2023