Comparison of preparation and analytical capabilities for gas mixtures containing C6-C10 hydrocarbons in methane

Project Description

The project will provide a comparison of standards and capabilities for the measurement of C6-C10 hydrocarbons in a methane matrix.
NPL and VSL will each prepare a mixture containing C6-C10 hydrocarbons in methane at the amount fractions detailed below:
MIXTURE 1 (NPL to prepare):
n-hexane: 1000 µmol/mol
n-heptane: 100 µmol/mol
n-octane: 40 µmol/mol
n-nonane: 10 µmol/mol
n-decane: 5 µmol/mol
MIXTURE 2 (VSL to prepare):
n-hexane: 500 µmol/mol
n-heptane: 250 µmol/mol
n-octane: 100 µmol/mol
n-nonane: 50 µmol/mol
n-decane: 10 µmol/mol
The cylinders will then be exchanged and the amount of fraction of each component will be measured using in-house standards.
End of April 2014: Exchange of mixtures
End of June 2014: Exchange of results
End of August 2014: Draft A report available
End of October 2014: Draft B report available

Final Report 2020-02-25

The project was concluded without report

Progress Report 2019-03-27

2016: agreement of which isomers are selected for the comparison on branched C6-C7 alkanes in methane
2017: problems with the preparation of the mixtures due to the fact that 2,2 dimethylbutane was very difficult to aquire; VSL prepared 1 of the mixtures and this is ready for the exchange
2018: NPL has received the 2,2 dimetylbutane and hope to prepare their mixture before the summer of 2018
2019: Mixture exchange planned for second half of 2019

Progress Report 2018-04-24

Reference gas mixtures have been prepared and will be exchanged in the second half of 2018 for the analytic comparison.

Metrology in Chemistry (MC)
Coordinating Institute
NPL (United Kingdom)
Participating Partners
VSL (Netherlands)