Bilateral Mass comparison at 50 kg

Project Description

KIM-LIPI performs dissemination available up to 50 kg. So, it will be able to calibrate a 50 kg weight provided by LNE in order to use this comparison to support its capability claims.

Final Report 2015-05-13

The project has been completed and the final report can be downloaded here>>

The aim of that comparison was to compare the results obtained by the participating laboratories when calibrating a 50 kg stainless steel mass standard. The support used for the comparison was a mass standard of a nominal value of 50 kg.LNE has monitored the comparison as follows:1. The mass standard was initially calibrated by the LNE.2. It was calibrated by the KIM-LIPI.3. It was calibrated once again by LNE to verify the mass drift.The calibration method used is a "mass to mass". It consists in determining the true mass of a mass standard (M) by comparing it to the true mass of a mass standard (E). This comparison was carried out with a mass comparator following a BORDA double substitution scheme. The weighing procedure used was the EMME. The analysis of the results based on the normalized errors was carried out as follows: the results obtained by the laboratory are acceptable if the absolute value of the normalized value is equal or inferior to 1, not acceptable else.The normalized value calculated after measurements were 0.91. Consequently, the results obtained by the laboratory for this bilateral comparison are acceptable.

Mass and Related Quantities (M)
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LNE (France)
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