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An ISO Technical Report on Nanoparticle Concentration

Short Name: ISOCONCur, Project Number: 18SIP01
Image of nanoparticles in a 'Buckyball' configuration
Nanoparticles in a 'Buckyball' configuration

Providing clarity on measuring nanoparticle number concentrations to support product development

Nanomaterials, that are materials with structure at the nanoscale, have some unique properties that could be applied to novel applications in industries as diverse as drug delivery, catalysis, medical devices, composite materials and opto-electronics. Validated ways to accurately measure nanoparticle number concentrations are important for optimising the manufacture, performance and safety of nanomaterials, and for compliance with forthcoming EU regulations. Some instruments are capable of measuring nanoparticle number concentrations, but no documentary standards nor certified reference materials are available for calibration and validation.


An ISO Technical Report has been produced to build awareness of good practice and to support draft measurement technique standards, as developed by the EMPIR project InNanoPart and also the H2020 projects Nanodefine, NanoChOp, ACEnano and VAMAS TWA 34 Projects 9 and 10. The report explains sample preparation and measurement best practice and provides guidance on evaluating measurement uncertainties. In due course, standards and regulatory compliance will build acceptance, easing the path to innovative nanoparticle-based products.



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