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Partial discharge and interference discrimination in gas-insulated systems using electric and magnetic sensors
Rodrigo Mor A., Mier C., Luo T., Vaessen P.

International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 158 (2024) , 109911

Type: Article
Project title: 19ENG02: FutureEnergy: Metrology for future energy transmission
Name of Call / Funding Programme: EMPIR 2019: Energy
Quantum sampling AC standard for electrical power metrology based on programmable Josephson junction series array
Serazio D., Durandetto P., Trinchera B.

Measurement 233 (2024) , 114747

Type: Article
Project title: 19RPT01: QuantumPower: Quantum traceability for AC power standards
Name of Call / Funding Programme: EMPIR 2019: Research Potential
Experimental Characterization of RF-SQUIDs Based Josephson Traveling Wave Parametric Amplifier Exploiting Resonant Phase Matching Scheme
Enrico E., Nucciotti A., Moretti R., Monteduro A. G., Mezzena R., Maruccio G., Margesin B., Mantegazzini F., Maccarrone G., Livreri P., Oberto L., Origo L., Giachero A., Zannoni M., Vinante A., Tocci S., Rizzato S., Rettaroli A., Piersanti L., Piedjou A. S., Pagano S., Ligi C., Leo A., Cian A., Carusotto I., Caricato A. P., Carapella G., Callegaro L., Borghesi M., Barone C., Avallone G., Ahrens F., D'Elia A., Gioacchino D. Di, Labranca D., Guarcello C., Granata V., Giubertoni D., Gatti C., Filatrella G., Ferri E., Faverzani M., Falferi P., Fasolo L.

IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 34 (2024) , 1-6

Type: Article
Project title: 20FUN07: SuperQuant: Microwave metrology for superconducting quantum circuits
Name of Call / Funding Programme: EMPIR 2020: Fundamental
The Importance of Dimensional Traceability in Microfluidic Systems
Batista E., Saraiva F., Lopes A., Alves e Sousa J., Silverio V., Martins L., Martins R.F.

Metrology 4 (2024) , 240-253

Type: Article
Project title: 20NRM02: MFMET: Establishing metrology standards in microfluidic devices
Name of Call / Funding Programme: EMPIR 2020: Pre-Co-Normative
Survey of bidirectional transmittance distribution function measurement facilities by multilateral scale comparisons
Fu J., Smid M., Molloy E., Koo A., Jensen S.A, Oser R., Audenaert J., Meuret Y., Källberg S., Gozhyk I., Kraus T., Porrovecchio G., Ikonen E., Ferrero A., Quast T., Esslinger M., Santafé Gabarda P., Tejedor N., Campos Acosta J., Gevaux L., Obein G., Aschan R.E, Manoocheri F., Schirmacher A.

Metrologia (2024)

Type: Article
Project title: 18SIB03: BxDiff: New quantities for the measurement of appearance
Name of Call / Funding Programme: EMPIR 2018: SI Broader Scope
Evaluation of Spectral Estimation Parameters for Direct Sampling FFT-Based Measuring Receivers
Solé-Lloveras J., Hudlička M., García-Bermúdez M., Azpúrua M.A.

IEEE Open Journal of Signal Processing 5 (2024) , 588-598

Type: Article
Project title: 21NRM06: EMC-STD: Metrology for emerging electromagnetic compatibility standards
Name of Call / Funding Programme: Metrology Partnership 2021: Normative
Multi-beam coherent Fourier scatterometry
Soman S, Horsten R C, Scholte T, Pereira S F

Measurement Science and Technology 35 (2024) , 075905

Type: Article
Project title: 20IND09: PowerElec: Metrology in manufacturing compound semiconductors for power electronics
Name of Call / Funding Programme: EMPIR 2020: Industry
Low phase noise cavity transmission self-injection locked diode laser system for atomic physics experiments
Spethmann N., Pelzer L., Dietze K., Krinner L., Schmidt P. O.

Optics Express 32 (2024) , 15912

Type: Article
Project title: 20FUN01: TSCAC: Two-species composite atomic clocks
Name of Call / Funding Programme: EMPIR 2020: Fundamental
Optical wood with switchable solar transmittance for all-round thermal management
Gao H., Pattelli L., Gan W., Wang H., Xiao Z., Wang Y., Li J., Liang D., Xie Y., Li Y., Xu H.

Composites Part B: Engineering 275 (2024) , 111287

Type: Article
Project title: 21GRD03: PaRaMetriC: Metrological framework for passive radiative cooling technologies
Name of Call / Funding Programme: Metrology Partnership 2021: Green Deal
Evaluating the spindle error of the roundness measurement device
Šimunović V., Baršić G.

Measurement: Sensors 32 (2024) , 101038

Type: Article
Project title: 18RPT01: ProbeTrace: Traceability for contact probe and stylus instrument measurements
Name of Call / Funding Programme: EMPIR 2018: Research Potential
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