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Towards improved standardization of electricity meter testing

van Veghel, M.G.A., Sharma, S., van den Brom, H.E., Hoogenboom, D. (Van Swinden Laboratorium (VSL), Thijsseweg 11, 2629 JA Delft, The Netherlands), Rietveld, G., van Leeuwen, R., Marais, Z. and Kok, G.J.P.

Energy measurement,electromagnetic compatibility,measurement errors,electricity meters

Document typeProceeding
Journal title / Source2020 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements (CPEM)
Publisher's nameIEEE
Publication date 2020-08
Conference nameConference of Precession Electromagnetic MeasurementsPEM
Conference date01-08-2020 to 07-08-2020
Conference placeBolder
Web URLhttps://www.techrxiv.org/articles/preprint/Towards_improved_standardization_of_electricity_meter_testing/13469622/1

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