A new EMPIR Project “MetForTC” for Developing Traceable Measurement Capabilities for Monitoring Thermocouple Performance

Arifovic N., Sestan D., Zvizdić D., Hozic N., Turzó-András E., Čohodarević S., Strnad R., Opel K., Neagu D., Bordianu C., Spasova S., Vukičević T.

EMPIR Research Potential Project, ITS-90 Temperature Scale, Thermometry, Thermocouple

Document type Proceedings
Journal title / Source 19th International Congress of Metrology (CIM2019)
Volume -
Issue 2019
Page numbers / Article number 5/18006
Publisher's name EDP Sciences
Publication date 2019
Conference name 19th International Congress of Metrology
Conference date 24-09-2019 to 26-09-2019
Conference place Paris, France
DOI 10.1051/metrology/201918006
Language English

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