Single-photon emitters based on NIR color centers in diamond coupled with solid immersion lenses

Gatto Monticone D., Forneris J., Levi M., Picollo F., Olivero P., Traina P., E. Moreva E., Enrico E., Brida G., Degiovanni I. P., Genovese M., Amato G., Boarino L.

Diamond; single-photon emitters; color centers.

Document type Article
Journal title / Source International Journal of Quantum Information
Peer-reviewed article 1
Volume 12
Issue 07n08
Page numbers / Article number 1560011
Publisher's name worldscientific
Publisher's address (city only) Singapore
Publication date 2014-12-10
ISSN 0219-7499
DOI 10.1142/S0219749915600114
Language English

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