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Analysis of accuracy requirements to the meteorological sensors used to compensate for the influence of the Earth’s atmosphere in high precision length measurement

Shloma, A., Skliarov, V., Kupko, V. (NSC-IM), Neyezhmakov, P. (NSC-IM), Panasenko, T. and Prokopov, A.

length measurement, meteorological sensors, refractive index, gradient method, GeoMetre

Document typeProceeding
Journal title / SourceSMSI Sensor and Measurement Science International
VolumeSMSI 2020
Page numbers / Article number279 - 280
Publisher's nameAMA Association for Sensors and Measurement
Publisher's address (city only)Berlin
Publication date 2020
Conference nameSMSI 2020
Conference date22-06-2020 to 25-06-2020
Conference placeNuremberg, Germany
Web URLhttps://www.ama-science.org/proceedings/details/3759
Persistent Identifierdx.doi.org/10.5162/SMSI2020/D3.3

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