Highly sensitive benzene detection with MOS gas sensors

Schütze Andreas, Kok Gertjan, Spinelle Laurent, Gerboles Michel, Reimringer Wolfhard, Sauerwald Tilman, Baur Tobias, Leidinger Martin

metal oxide semiconductor, MOS, temperature-cycled operation, TCO, benzene

Document type Proceedings
Journal title / Source Proceedings Sensor 2017
Volume A4 - Gas S
Page numbers / Article number 92-97
Publication date 2017-6
Conference name AMA Conferences 2017 – SENSOR 2017
Conference date 30-05-2017 to 01-06-2017
Conference place Nurember
DOI 10.5162/sensor2017/A4.3
ISBN 978-3-9816876-4-4
Web URL https://www.ama-science.org/proceedings/details/2498
Language English

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