A Versatile Capacitive Sensing Platform for the Assessment of the Composition in Gas Mixtures

Sweelssen J., Blokland H., Rajamaki T., Sarjonen R., Boersma A.

energy  transition;  gas  composition  sensor;  capacitive  sensor  array;  interdigitated  electrodes; responsive coatings; tunable filter infrared spectrometer; LNG; biogas

Document type Article
Journal title / Source Micromachines
Volume 11
Issue 2
Page numbers / Article number 116
Publisher's name MDPI AG
Publisher's address (city only) Postfach Basel CH-4005 Switzerland
Publication date 2020-1-21
ISSN 2072-666X
DOI 10.3390/mi11020116
Web URL https://www.mdpi.com/2072-666X/11/2/116/pdf
Language English

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