Assessing Optical and Electrical Properties of Highly Active IrOx Catalysts for the Electrochemical Oxygen Evolution Reaction via Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

Sachse R., Pflüger M., Velasco-Vélez J-J., Sahre M., Radnik J., Bernicke M., Bernsmeier D., Hodoroaba V-D., Krumrey M., Strasser P., Kraehnert R., Hertwig A.

spectroscopic ellipsometry, electrocatalysis, oxygen evolution reaction, mesoporous iridium oxidefilms, non-destructive ambient analysis, intrinsic OER activity, complementary methodology and metrology

Document type Article
Journal title / Source ACS Catalysis
Page numbers / Article number 14210-14223
Publisher's name American Chemical Society (ACS)
Publication date 2020-11-20
ISSN 2155-5435, 2155-5435
DOI 10.1021/acscatal.0c03800
Language English

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