Potential of GPS Common Clock Single-differences for Deformation Monitoring

Schön S., Pham H.K., Kersten T., Leute J., Bauch A.

GPS; Monitoring; Clock Modeling; Common Clock; EMRP JRP SIB60

Document type Article
Journal title / Source Journal of Applied Geodesy
Peer-reviewed article 1
Volume 10
Issue 1
Page numbers / Article number pages 45.52
Publisher's name De Gruyter
Publication date 2016-3-31
ISSN (Online) 1862-9024, (Print) 1862-9016
DOI 10.1515/jag-2015-0029
Web URL https://www.fig.net/resources/proceedings/2016/2016_03_jisdm_pdf/reviewed/JISDM_2016_submission_101.pdf
Language English

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