Ordering dynamics in symmetric PS-b-PMMA diblock copolymer thin films during rapid thermal processing

Perego M., Lupi F.F., Ceresoli M., Giammaria T.J., Seguini G., Enrico E., Boarino L., Antoniol D., Gianotti V., Sparnacci K., Laus M.
Document type Article
Journal title / Source Journal of Materials Chemistry C
Peer-reviewed article 1
Volume 2
Issue 32
Page numbers / Article number 6655-6664
Publisher's name Royal Society of Chemistry
Publisher's address (city only) London UK
Publication date 2014-6-7
ISSN 0003-2654
DOI 10.1039/c4tc00756e
Web URL http://pubs.rsc.org/en/Content/ArticleLanding/2014/TC/c4tc00756e#!divAbstract
Language English

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