"Multidimensional reflectometry for industry" (xD-Reflect) an European research project

Höpe A., Koo A., Verdu F.-M., Leloup F.-B., Obein G., Wübbeler G., Campos J., Iacomussi P., Jaanson P., Källberg S., Smids M.

Reflectometry ; Metrology ; Modeling ; Optical design ; Optical testing ; Bidirectional reflectance transmission function ; CCD cameras ; Calibration ; Data analysis ; Light sources

Document type Proceedings
Journal title / Source Proceedings of SPIE
Peer-reviewed article 1
Volume 9018
Page numbers / Article number 901804
Publisher's name SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Publisher's address (city only) Bellingham
Publication date 2014-2-24
Conference name Measuring, Modeling, and Reproducing Material Appearance
Conference date 4-5 February, 2014
Conference place San Francisco (USA)
ISSN 0277-786X
DOI 10.1117/12.2035981
ISBN 978-0-8194-9935-6
Web URL http://proceedings.spiedigitallibrary.org/proceeding.aspx?articleid=1835520
Language English

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