Metrology to underpin future regulation of industrial emissions

Rausch Anne, Werhahn Olav, Witzel Oliver, Ebert Volker, Vuelban Edgar Moreno, Gersl Jan, Kvernmo Gjermund, Korsman John, Coleman Marc, Gardiner Tom, Robinson Rod

EMRP, industrial emissions

Document type Proceedings
Journal title / Source International Congress of Metrology (CIM) 2015, Proceedings
Volume 2015
Issue n.a.
Page numbers / Article number 07008
Publisher's name EDP Sciences - Web of Conferences
Publisher's address (city only) Les Ulis Cedex
Publication date 2015-9-23
Conference name 17th International Comgress of Metrology 2015
Conference date 2015-09-21 to 2015-09-24
Conference place Paris
ISSN n.a.
DOI 10.1051/metrology/20150007008
ISBN n.a.
Language English

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