Fast Magnetic Emission Tests for Continuous Measurements Around an Equipment Under Test

Hartman T., Moonen N., ten Have B., Leferink F.

IEEE Keywords Position measurement, Time measurement, Time-frequency analysis, Magnetic field measurement, Electromagnetic interference INSPEC: Controlled Indexing electromagnetic interference, position measurement, time-domain analysis INSPEC: Non-Controlled Indexing continuous measurements, fast magnetic emission tests, continuous positional measurement, maximum emission, maximum interference, measurement positions, time domain electromagnetic interference analyzers, EMI test receiver, long measurement time, EUT, radiated electromagnetic interference emission

Document type Article
Journal title / Source 2019 ESA Workshop on Aerospace EMC (Aerospace EMC)
Volume Not Applic
Issue Not Applic
Publisher's name IEEE
Publication date 2019-5
DOI 10.23919/AeroEMC.2019.8788950
Language English

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