Accumulated dose implications from systematic dose-rate transients in gated treatments with Viewray MRIdian accelerators

Klavsen M F, Santurio G V, Renkamp C K, Buchele C, Rippke C, Baumgartl M, Ehrbar S, Vogelius I R, Behrens C P, Boye K, Ankjærgaard C, Andersen C E

MRgRT, dosimetry, scintillators

Document type Article
Journal title / Source Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express
Volume 9
Issue 6
Page numbers / Article number 065001
Publisher's name IOP Publishing
Publisher's address (city only) Bristol, United Kingdom
Publication date 2023-9
ISSN 2057-1976
DOI 10.1088/2057-1976/acf138
Language English

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