Simultaneous 13N-Ammonia and gadolinium first-pass myocardial perfusion with quantitative hybrid PET-MR imaging: a phantom and clinical feasibility study

Nazir M.S., Gould S-M., Milidonis X., Reyes E., Ismail T.F., Neji R., Roujol S., O’Doherty J., Xue H., Barrington S.F., Schaeffter T., Razavi R., Marsden P., Kellman P., Plein S., Chiribiri A.

myocardial perfusion, hybrid PET-MR

Document type Article
Journal title / Source European Journal of Hybrid Imaging
Volume 3
Issue 1
Publisher's name Springer Science and Business Media LLC
Publication date 2019-9
ISSN 2510-3636
DOI 10.1186/s41824-019-0062-6
Language English

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