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RNA reference materials with defined viral RNA loads of SARS-CoV-2—A useful tool towards a better PCR assay harmonization

Keller T., Schellenberg I., Kummrow A., Falak S., Cleveland M.H., Vallone P.M., Cowen S., O’Sullivan D., Busby E., Huggett J., Mielke M., Michel J., Nitsche A., Obermeier M., Rabenau H.F., Berger A., Ciesek S., Niemeyer D., Corman V., Duehring U., Drosten C., Grunert H-P., Lindig V., Vierbaum L., Wojtalewicz N., Zeichhardt H., Kammel M.


Document type Article
Journal title / Source PLOS ONE
Volume 17
Issue 1
Page numbers / Article number e0262656
Publisher's name Public Library of Science (PLoS)
Publication date 2022-1-20
ISSN 1932-6203
Language English
Persistent Identifier

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Project title (JRP)
18HLT03: SEPTIMET: Metrology to enable rapid and accurate clinical measurements in acute management of sepsis
Name of Call / Funding Programme
EMPIR 2018: Health