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Proiecte nationale si europene de metrologia radiatiilor, suport pentru implementarea Directivei 2013/59, in sanatate si protectia mediului

Ioan M-R., Radulescu I., Zadehrafi M., Tugulan L., Barna C.

Remote detection, optical detection, alpha particles

Document type Contribution to book
Journal title / Source
Book title Conferinta Nationala Aniversara a Societatii Romane de Radioprotectie –„SRRp-30”
Publication date 2020-12
ISBN 978-973-1985-64-0
Language English
Persistent Identifier 978-973-1985-64-0

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Project title (JRP)
19ENV02: RemoteALPHA: Remote and real-time optical detection of alpha-emitting radionuclides in the environment
Name of Call / Funding Programme
EMPIR 2019: Environment