Comparison of radon mapping methods for the delineation of radon priority areas – an exercise

Gruber V., Baumann S., Alber O., Laubichler C., Bossew P., Petermann E., Ciotoli G., Pereira A., Domingos F., Tondeur F., Cinelli G., Fernandez A., Sainz C., Quindos-Poncela L.

radon, mapping, prediction, interpolation, radon priority areas, risk, hazard

Document type Article
Journal title / Source Journal of the European Radon Association
Volume 2
Issue 2021
Page numbers / Article number 1-14
Publisher's name European Radon Association
Publication date 2021-3-31
ISSN 2736-2272
DOI 10.35815/radon.v2.5755
Language English

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