Spectroscopy of a photoionization transition of neutral Calcium atom emitted by laser ablation

Grim J.

This thesis is focused on generating of calcium atoms using laser ablation, which is modern technique for obtaining particles into ion traps. The efficiency of ablation of these atoms was observed. Furthermore, it is focused on the absorption spectrum of the neutral calcium atom, it is the first transition of calcium in two-step photo ionization. Part of the work is the design of experimental settings, which is used for measurement.

Document type Thesis
Journal title / Source
University name Brno University of Technology
Publisher's name Brno University of Technology Digital Library
Publication date 2020-7-14
Web URL https://dspace.vutbr.cz/xmlui/handle/11012/192381
Language Czech
Persistent Identifier http://hdl.handle.net/11012/192381

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