Traceability of Ground-Based Air-Temperature Measurements: A Case Study on the Meteorological Observatory of Moncalieri (Italy)

Gilabert A., Bertiglia F., Lopardo G., Merlone A., Roggero G., Cat Berro D., Mercalli L., Brunet M.

Air temperature, Calibration facility, Calibration uncertainty, Climate, change analysis, Historical temperature data series, Metrology for meteorology and climate, Traceability

Document type Article
Journal title / Source International Journal of Thermophysics
Volume 36
Issue 2-3
Page numbers / Article number 589-601
Publisher's name Springer Nature
Publication date 2014-11-28
ISSN 0195-928X, 1572-9567
DOI 10.1007/s10765-014-1806-y
Language English

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