Electron Flood Gun Damage Effects in 3D Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Organics

Havelund R., Seah M.P., Shard A.G., Gilmore I.S.

Secondary ion mass spectrometry; depth profiling; argon cluster; damage; chemical metrology

Document type Article
Journal title / Source Journal of the American Society of Mass Spectrometry
Peer-reviewed article 1
Volume 25
Issue 9
Page numbers / Article number 1565-1571
Publisher's name ASMS
Publisher's address (city only) Santa Fe USA
Publication date 2014-9-25
DOI 10.1007/s13361-014-0929-5
Web URL http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs13361-014-0929-5#page-2
Language English

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