Density Measurements of (0.99 Methane + 0.01 Butane) and (0.98 Methane + 0.02 Isopentane) over the Temperature Range from (100 to 160) K at Pressures up to 10.8 MPa

Eckmann P., von Preetzmann N., Cavuoto G., Li J., van der Veen A., Kleinrahm R., Richter M.

Cryogenic state · Density measurement · Liquefied binary mixtures ·Magnetic-suspension coupling · Single-sinker densimeter

Document type Article
Journal title / Source International Journal of Thermophysics
Volume 41
Issue 11
Page numbers / Article number 1-19/156
Publisher's name Springer Science and Business Media LLC
Publication date 2020-9-23
ISSN 0195-928X, 1572-9567
DOI 10.1007/s10765-020-02728-2
Language English

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