Compact Antenna Test Range implementation in IETR millimetre wave antenna test facility

L. Le Coq, IETR, B. Fuchs, IETR, T. Kozan, ORBIT, T. Andersson, ORBIT, S. Burgos, ORBIT

antenna testing;millimetre wave antennas;CATR;CATR capability verification;IETR millimetre wave antenna test facility;V-band;compact antenna test range implementation;measurement capability;quiet zone measurement;Accuracy;Antenna measurements;Feeds;Frequency measurement;Millimeter wave measurements;Probes

Document type Proceedings
Journal title / Source Digest of IEEE Conference on Antenna Measurements & Applications (CAMA), 2014
Peer-reviewed article 1
Publication date 2014-11-16
Conference name IEEE Conference on Antenna Measurements & Applications (CAMA)
Conference date 16-19 Nov 2014
Conference place Antibes Juan-les-Pins, France
DOI 10.1109/CAMA.2014.7003387
Language English

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