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Emerging tri‐s‐triazine‐based graphitic carbon nitride: A potential signal‐transducing nanostructured material for sensor applications

Chouhan R.S., Jerman I., Heath D., Bohm S., Gandhi S., Sadhu V., Baker S., Horvat M.

sorbent traps, tri‐s‐triazine‐based graphitic carbon nitride, nanostructured material, sonsors, mercury

Document type Article
Journal title / Source Nano Select
Volume 2
Issue 4
Page numbers / Article number 712-743
Publisher's name Wiley
Publication date 2020-12-30
ISSN 2688-4011, 2688-4011
DOI 10.1002/nano.202000228
Language English

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Project title (JRP)
16ENV01: MercOx: Metrology for oxidised mercury
Name of Call / Funding Programme
EMPIR 2016: Environment