Fast high‐resolution electric properties tomography using three‐dimensional quantitative transient‐state imaging‐based water fraction estimation

Cencini M., Biagi L., Zilberti L., Arduino A., Buonincontri G., Schulte R.F, Pirkl C.M, Peretti L., Pasquariello R., Lancione M., Tosetti M.

electric properties tomography, electrical conductivity, MR fingerprinting, quantitative MR imaging, relative permittivity, transient-state imaging

Document type Article
Journal title / Source NMR in Biomedicine
Publisher's name Wiley
Publisher's address (city only) Hoboken, NJ, United States
Publication date 2023-9-15
ISSN 0952-3480, 1099-1492
DOI 10.1002/nbm.5039
Language English

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